Greg KoglinAs the CEO, I get the privilege of writing this section. If you know me, you know my biggest pride and joy is my team. One of the biggest pieces to the success of this company is this gentleman, Greg Koglin. The last name might sound a little familiar. That’s because his son, Mr. Derrich Koglin, who I shared about a few months ago, also works on our team. What makes this month such a special month for Greg is that he has decided it is time to hang up his hat and start enjoying retirement.

Greg, I know that there are a lot of customers that have had the opportunity to get to know you over the years even before you started working with M.C. Shine. On the behalf of all of our customers, your team, and myself, I want to thank you. I thank you for always being honest with all of your estimates that you have provided over the years, and I thank you for being a man of great integrity…a man who brings his absolute best every single day when walking through our doors no matter if it is 8:30 AM or 9 PM at night. You always made sure to take great care of every one of our customers. There will definitely be a void without you here, and it won’t be the same. Thank you for holding up your end of the bargain many years ago with everything we discussed in your first interview.

A little history: Greg started working with M.C. Shine in January of 2018. He was the first one of many hires of that year. At the time, my father and I were doing all of the interviews as we didn’t have much of an administrative staff. These were some of the notes that were in his file the day of the first interview: “Sounds like an honest man; he has a ton of experience (20 years +); great eye contact; will communicate well with our customers; knows a lot of tricks to the trade; will be a great asset when it comes to hiring new team members and training; will assistant in any areas that he is needed for help and support; a family man, etc.” All of those notes were 100 % accurate!

Since that day, Greg grew with our company, and I have no problem saying we grew with him. You could say Greg had many titles over the years with M.C. Shine, but the one main thing that stuck was being our main cleaning estimator. He also had a huge role to take on in helping train our young team members just to get started in this industry. Again, Greg, thank you for all of your years of hard work. We wish you the very best as you approach the next adventure of your life. Congratulations my friend!

-Ryan Rostoni, CEO