MC Shine Biohazard and Biological CleanupMC Shine Cleaning and Restoration offers a variety of biohazard and biological cleanup services to our whole community, including first responders, hospitals, and funeral homes:

  1. Biohazard (cleaning and removal)
  2. Blood Removal
  3. Crime Scene Cleanup
  4. Decomposition and Odor
  5. Infectious Disease
  6. Homicide and Suicide
  7. Coronavirus Cleaning
  8. Mold Removal
  9. Hoarding

Let’s zero in on biohazard cleanup! M.C. Shine has taken our whole process and developed five simple remediation steps for this service. Depending on the situation and the severity of the situation, further action/steps may need to be taken. This is a quick snapshot of what our process looks like! In the unlikely event that you need these types of services, hopefully, this information will help you feel confident when making your first call to M.C. Shine when starting a biohazard and biological cleanup and remediation process!

Biohazard & Biological Cleanup What to expect…

Step #1: Assess the situation with an MC Shine certified technician.  M.C. Shine will complete an initial biohazard and biological cleanup walk-through with the owner of the property. We call this the safety hazard assessment!

Step #2: Set up containment and gain complete control of the area or areas that are affected.  M.C. Shine uses OSHA’s recommended cross-contamination protocols and the IICRC protocols to control the affected area by securing and separating it from other parts of the structure!

Step #3: Removal of the biohazard and biological materials. M.C. Shine will remove all visible traces of blood and biological materials from the affected area. This will be the most dangerous step of our remediation process!

Step #4: Deodorize, Clean, and Disinfect or as we call it: “D.C.D.”  After the removal process has been finished, M.C. Shine will D.C.D all affected surfaces/structures using EPA-rated disinfectants and ECOLOGO bacterial disinfectants such as Benefect!

For example, a product we use for destroying extreme odor has a process of binding, bonding, encapsulating, and absorbing orders at the molecule. This will help eliminate harsh odors like sewage, skunk spray, fire, smoke, urine, decay, blood, and more! This is scientifically designed for the use of all malodor situations, from mild to severe.

Step #5: Verify proper completion.

Upon completion, we use the UV blacklight inspection process for our quality control to ensure we did not miss anything. This is the final step before turning the site back over to the owner!