Mr. Tom Colbary

by Ryan Rostini, MC Shine CEO

As the CEO, I have the privilege of writing this section. If you know me, you know my biggest pride and joy is my team. One of the biggest contributors to this company’s success is this gentleman: Tom Colbary. He is not only a lucky husband and proud dad but also one of the hardest-working men I have had the privilege of working with. On top of all of that, he has become a true friend.

Back in May 2019, on an early Saturday morning at 9 am, ownership had the privilege of sitting down with this gentleman to interview him for a supervisor/lead tech position for our Restoration vertical. Soon after that initial interview, Tom accepted a position with MC Shine. Within one year of employment, he had successfully climbed the ladder and became Operations Manager of the entire Restoration vertical.
Within two years, there was a desperate need for a strong leader who would not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. We needed someone to guide our team as a whole from behind the scenes and out in the field. Tom was then promoted to General Manager.

One of Tom’s strongest attributes is his integrity and honesty to himself, his family, and his team. While part of this work family, Tom has had many accomplishments including building his IICRC certifications portfolio to show mastery in carpet repair and reinstallation, commercial drying, water damage, odor control, fire and smoke damage, and microbial remediation. A personal win that his entire team had the privilege to celebrate and to be a part of is Tom receiving his American citizenship! He is also working on obtaining his Michigan Builders License.

This team is truly blessed to have such a great leader guiding them. As far as our customers go, if you’ve ever used our services and worked with Tom, you know he’s the best! He ALWAYS puts you first.

As for ownership, we couldn’t be more proud of Tom and his pursuit in making this business & team stronger than ever before! No one has ever challenged ownership in a more positive way than you Tom! Thank you for holding up your end of the bargain in that first interview. We are proud to have you as a part of this family, and we hope to have you for many years to come!