Alex Rostoni

by Ryan Rostoni, MC Shine CEO

As the CEO, I have the privilege of writing this section. If you know me, you know my biggest pride and joy is my team, and one of the biggest pieces to the success of this company is this young lady: Alex Rostoni. Alex has been with our company officially since April 2018. She is our Senior Staff Accountant now, but she has unofficially had the privilege of being a part of our team her whole life.

After graduating from Landmark Academy, she worked in early child care for a few years. She has always had one of the biggest hearts you will ever find in someone. She is also the proud mom of one handsome dog, Mr. Remi. Like most kids growing up with parents starting a company, she said, “I’ll never work for my parents and definitely not with my brother..” Well, that didn’t last long, and I am happy that it didn’t.

I am one proud big brother to be able to work side-by-side with my sister on a daily basis. I couldn’t think of anybody better than her to represent our family’s small business like she does. I can speak for ownership/our parents when I say that they are very proud of her accomplishments and hard work to get to where she is today. Those of you who own businesses of your own know how hard it is to separate family and business, especially when working in a family-owned and operated company, but for both to be successful, you have to. Alex does just that and is definitely the rock for our family and this team.

Here’s a little backstory of her employment with MC Shine Carpet Cleaning and Restoration. Back in 2018, she started working in the office part-time behind the scenes, helping our dad with the books. She then started taking on more of a full-time role as our office accountant and overseeing the whole office. Every step of the way, she has been self-taught. She has not had anything handed to her; she has earned it 100%. She is the most respected individual throughout our whole office.

She was promoted to senior accountant last year and helps oversee the office duties and assists with our HR department. There’s not a challenge that Alex has taken on without full commitment, personally or in business, and she ALWAYS comes out ahead and crushes it! If you’ve had the privilege of working with her, you know she has a heart of gold, but she can also be a pit bull when needed.

Alex exemplifies MC Shine’s core values daily and is diligent, professional, and dedicated to her job duties, coworkers, customers, and, most importantly, herself. 99% of the time she is the first one in and the last one out Monday-Friday. We cannot thank her enough for all of the hard work that she puts in every single day!! We are excited to see where she GROWS over the next year, as we know she is just getting started. Keep crushing it, sis!