Reach The Forgotten (RTF) is a jail chaplaincy ministry with two big goals. The first is a ministry of presence within the jail, where the chaplain and volunteers lead group bible studies, engage with inmates one-on-one, or off er courses such as managing money. The chaplaincy is chaplain-led and volunteer-driven. Volunteers come from many different backgrounds and denominations, but each volunteer steps into the jail to bring attention, encouragement, and conversation to the inmates. County jails are different than prisons in that the inmates within are our neighbors, co-workers, and colleagues. Those released from the county jail return to the community, and it is the hope and work of the chaplaincy to help inmates realize that their home community cares for them presently and is interested in a better future.

That leads to the second big goal RTF has, which is to help build connec­tions and support networks for inmates once they leave the jail. Chaplaincy will tell inmates, ‘Jail is not fun, we love you, don’t come back’. The chaplain­cy is working to help connect inmates to support resources, such as addiction recovery, food, hygiene products, and shelters. The chaplaincy views the jail as an initial part of a network of recovery services, non-profits, and ministries that together can help craft a web that catches people and helps build a better community.

RTF is a Christian non-profit ministry that can serve in jails due to locally raised support ( while RTF is a state-wide ministry that currently operates in 30+ counties, any support from within a county is first and foremost applied to that individual county). RTF is holding a ministry support banquet in St. Clair County on April 4th and would love for you to consider coming and helping support this work. Check out RTF’s website,, to learn more!